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To Accumulate Wealth, You Must Create EQUITY in Your Company! 

When you launch a company, you are creating an asset.  To create wealth, that asset much appreciate in value. 

To do this, you must give potential buyers what they want in an acquisition…LARGE CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENTS!  Learn how here.

How to Win Government Contracts

Why bid on government contracts? 

Here’s why…I won a $15M government contract after writing a proposal from my kitchen table!

Do you want to learn how to win government contracts? Then start here: The winning proposal for my company’s first prime government contract was written from my kitchen table in 2010. It was for a $15 million government contract that changed my life.  Six years and many government contract awards later, I “retired” after selling my company for 8 figures.  Excluding my initial $500 investment for a business license, a better printer, a website and business cards, I never went a single dollar in debt.  In fact, I never had a drop in income.  By keeping my “day job,” I kept the same level of income until I won my first government contract.

Pursuing government contracts has many advantages over other markets.  I didn’t have to lease an office or buy office furniture. I didn’t have to hire employees. I didn’t need to pay expensive franchise fees.  I didn’t have to give away most of my company’s future equity and success for Venture Capital funding or go into debt with SBA small business loans. Until I won my first government contract, I wrote proposals after my kids went to bed at night and avoided making any investments in my company until I had a contract and guaranteed revenue to fund my growth.

Do you have entrepreneurial dreams but have family and financial obligations that prevent you from quitting your “day job” and becoming a full-time entrepreneur?  If so, then bidding on large, lucrative government contracts from home may be the solution.  It was for me.

Randy Wimmer,  GCA Founder

What is GCA?

Eliminate 95% of your competitors by pursuing MASSIVE Federal Government Contracts!  

Only 5% of entrepreneurs and established US companies bid on Federal Government contracts.  Those 5% have a VERY LARGE pie to share!   

The US federal government is the world’s largest single customer. There is no close second. With trillion-dollar budgets, whatever you’re good at doing or building, there is a high probability that the Federal Government is buying it in sufficient quantities to make you a really wealthy person. However, it gets even better. The US Federal Government’s Small Business Set Aside Program has a goal to award about one-fourth of its contracts to small and new businesses. Think about that.

If you were opening a restaurant, the US Federal Government would not be diverting a quarter of McDonald’s customers to your new startup burger joint. However, that’s exactly what happens to Lockheed Martin’s customers in the Federal Government contracting market. But still…that’s not the best aspect of this market.  The best part about this market is its very low cost of entry.  You can launch a Federal Government contracting company from your home with nearly no costs.

Bottom line: If you want to learn how to bid on government contracts from your kitchen table and without the constant risk of bankruptcy, then the Federal Government contracting marketplace may be for you.

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The Small Business Set Aside Program Gives YOU the Advantage to Win Contracts!


Are you a woman?  A veteran?  A minority?  Or live in an economically disadvantaged area?


Level the playing field with the Set Aside Program.

Although the overall small business goals for most Federal Government agencies hover around 23%, additional goals are established by small business “set aside” category.  In general, organizations set a MINIMUM contracting goal of 3% to 5% of awarded contract dollars for EACH small business set aside type. Entrepreneurs who are either underrepresented or typically face an uphill challenge may apply for a specific “set aside” status.  This is how the Small Business Set Aside Program can help level the field.

Although women-owned businesses are incredibly underrepresented, this is actually a good thing if you’re launching a Federal Government contracting company!  As a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) owner, you can bid on WOSB set aside opportunities where your competitive field is tremendously reduced.  The same opportunities exist for Veteran-Owned Small Businesses (VOSB), Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSB), a minority-owned company participating in the 8(a) Program, or a company in a Historically Under-utilized Business Zone (HUBZone).  The competitive fields for these specific set asides are very small, giving you the best chance of success.  In fact, many small businesses use their set aside status to get their start in this lucrative market!

GCA QuickCert Webinar:

How ISO Certification Can Help You Win Contracts! 

a pie with a piece cut off, how to win government contracts successfullyWrite Winning Proposals and Get Your Piece of the Pie!


The best proposal wins — Not the biggest or best company.

Your proposal is the only thing that the government can legally use to award a contract.  It doesn’t matter if it was written at your kitchen table or by a large proposal team in a sky-rise corporate building.  If it’s not in the proposal and directly responding to a requirement in the RFP, then it’s not evaluated.  Great companies can lose as easily as one-person companies can win.  Why?  Because it’s all about how effectively your proposal addresses RFP requirements.

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About Randy Wimmer

Randal Wimmer aboutRandy’s first Federal Government contracting company was launched from his home after his kids went to bed.  He later sold it for 8-figures.  With nearly thirty years either in or supporting the Federal Government, Randy is the ultimate “industry insider,” having owned multiple successful contracting companies. He launched Government Contracting Academy to help aspiring entrepreneurs find both business and financial success in the Federal Government contracting industry. Learn from his decades of hard-learned lessons.

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Bid On and Win Federal Government Contracts From Home With Negligible Startup Costs

Bidding of government contracts from home after his kids went to bed, GCA Founder, Randy Wimmer, achieved financial independence after selling his government contracts for 8 figures. He did this without any SBA small business loans or venture capital funding. Since then, he has owned and sold multiple small businesses and has been honored on the INC 500 Fastest Growing Companies List and as a Washington Tech Magazine “Fast 50” company.

Randy’s entrepreneurial success is 100% attributable to the lessons he learned during his previous unsuccessful startup attempts. Along his journey to financial independence, Randy jokes that he cleared a path through the Federal Government startup minefield by stepping on every mine.  He founded GCA to help aspiring entrepreneurs avoid these mistakes.

Think You Can’t Win Government Contracts?  Think Again!

Leverage Your Military, Government or Contracting Experience to Win Contracts

Veterans, transitioning active duty members, government employees and contractors have firsthand experience that make them extremely competitive to bid and win Federal Government contracts!

Leverage Corporate Credentials to Win Contracts!

Learn how to start a business that makes you more competitive to win government contracts by differentiating yourself from your competitors!  Being a highly credentialled small business competing for Federal Government small business set aside contracts can be your ticket to financial Independence.

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