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CONGRATULATIONS! By learning more about how to pursue and win government contracts, you are on your way to becoming one of the 5% of US companies seeking to carve up the massive TRILLION DOLLAR Federal Government spending pie!  Our Government Contracts Consultants with industry insider knowledge can help show you the way!

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Are all Government Contracts Consultants the Same?


government contracts consultants in a conversionsSeeking government contracts consultants to bid on and manage government contracts from an Economic Development Agency or Small Business Development Office is like asking for parenting advice from a person who doesn’t have kids. To be blunt, millionaire entrepreneurs, former CEOs and Federal Government “industry insiders” don’t work at these organizations for $45K/yr.  And, online MBA programs are little better. First, no top-tier MBA program specializes on the world’s largest customer, the US Federal Government.  Even worse, the vast majority of business professors have ZERO firsthand experience regarding how to win and manage government contracts.   

GCA’s government contract sconsultants are comprised of successful entrepreneurs, proven CEOs and Federal Government industry executives. GCA combines personalized coaching and business consulting from industry insiders with 100% relevant, practical online content to help you write and win government contracts from your home…while you keep your “real job.”

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To Win Government Contracts, You Need Grit and Knowledge!


A Government Contracts Consultant can provide you “insider knowledge” and help you focus on what’s important to your success!


You don’t need to have an MBA, raise massive amounts of startup funding, or be a salesperson. A government contracts consultant can give you the insights and industry insider information you need.  A good government contracts consultant can help you register to bid on government contracts and find the best government contracts for bid.  Experienced government contracts consultants can also help you differentiate your proposal from your competitors.  Following your successful, bid and government contract award, a government contracts consultant can help you effectively manage your contract as you collect government invoice payments!  GCA’s government contract consultants will provide you the proper focus, knowledge and “insider insights” to help you be successful!  


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A Government Contracts Consultant can Help You Register to Bid on Government Contracts

To legally bid on government contracts or support a prime government contract holder as a subcontractor, you must register on various government databases.  You must also attain various governing contract “identifiers” to document your contract awards.  These administrative steps are simple with industry insider knowledge.  However, nothing is worse than investing an immense amount of time to bid on and win a life-changing government contract, and then have it revoked because you weren’t aware of a simple administrative requirement.  Using government contracts consultants is a smart move.  Using a Government Contracting Academy government contracts consultant may likely be the best investment that you make!


“Randy did an excellent job in educating me how to start my business as a government contractor.”

John Smith


About Randy Wimmer

Randy’s first Federal Government contracting company was launched from his home after his kids went to bed.  He later sold it for 8-figures.  With nearly thirty years either in or supporting the Federal Government, Randy is the ultimate “industry insider,” having owned multiple successful contracting companies.


How to GCA’s Government Contract Consultants can Help YOU!

Learn to Read and Understand Requests for Proposal

Everything that you need to know to help you write a winning proposal can be found in the Request for Proposal (RFP).  A well-written RFP will list all contract requirements that must be addressed.  And, most importantly, how your proposal will be evaluated and scored!

Launch a Legal Company The Right Way

If you’re frustrated that reading countless entrepreneurship and self-help books hasn’t helped you achieve your dreams, then let GCA teach you how to launch a legal, competitive company.

Differentiate Your Government Contracting Company

If you have the drive to be successful, GCA can help you with the rest. While learning how to start a business, you’ll learn how to differentiate your company from 99% of your competitors and how to compete on a shoe string budget.

Learn How the Federal Government Market Works

Federal Government contracting is an incredibly lucrative market for small businesses … IF YOU KNOW HOW IT REALLY WORKS!  Leveraging “industry insider” knowledge regarding how the government solicits proposals and makes contract awards can lead to tremendous success!

Leverage the Set Aside Program to Level the Field

Have you tried to launch a company and failed to effectively compete against larger companies? If so, GCA can teach you how to fully leverage the Small Business Set Aside Program to level the field!

Your Military Experience Is 100% Relevant

Are you tired of being told that your military experience isn’t relevant? If so, launch a DoD contracting company where your experience gives YOU the edge over your competitors.  Take the advantage that your 100% relevant experience gives you.

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