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To help small business owners be successful in the FedGov contracting industry, Government Contracting Academy offers comprehensive training programs that provide GovCon small businesses with the requisite knowledge, business tools & sample proposals, and corporate credentials to be extremely competitive!   GCA provides over 150 lessons of ACTIONABLE knowledge, valuable business tools and sample proposal content, and a money-back ISO QuickCert Program that can provide your company with the prestigious  ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 27001 Information Security Management Certifications! 

Our Flagship Program contains 25 courses that address EVERY THING YOU NEED TO KNOW to launch and grow and competitive GovCon company!  These courses are completely different than what you will find in an MBA program.  Business is a contact-sport!  And these courses provide OVER 150 lessons that provide you the information that you need to be successful, whether its politically or not! Our content is 100% ACTIONABLE! 

We leave business theory to MBA programs where the vast majority of their business professors have NEVER owned, launched, or led a company. This curriculum was developed by a successful serial GovCon entrepreneur who stepped on enough landmines in the business minefield to know where most are located!


 The GCA Advanced Contracting Curriculum

GCA Program lessons range from 10 minutes to well over an hour in duration, depending upon the topic.  Below is an example about how impactful (to your PROFIT!) a single 20-minute lesson may be!


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In addition to knowledge, this program provides HUNDREDS of processes, tools and corporate documents that were developed and used by successful small businesses in the FedGov contracting industry.  These documents, such as an example Employee Handbook, will save you countless hours developing your own corporate documents and will help jump-start your success! 


Example HR Templates Provided in GCA Program

Included in this set of documents are dozens and dozens of critical business processes…that WORK! These processes can be used as a “How to” guide to help your company use industry best practices!  Here is a sample business process.

And, perhaps most importantly in the GovCon industry, GCA also provides numerous examples of various proposal sections!  You won’t be starting from a blank sheet of paper as you begin bidding on prime contract proposal!  


Sample Proposal Sections

Knowing the easiest opportunities to win is a game-changer for a GovCon Small Business.  The “Industry Insider” tips that are shared in GCA’s GovCon Advanced Program can accelerate your company!  The below sample lesson shows how you can TREMENDOUSLY limit your competition and pursue Small Business earmarks that were left on the table because there weren’t enough qualified small businesses of specific types to award subcontracts! 


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Government Contracting Academy’s GovCon Advanced Program focuses on IMMEDIATE SUCCESS!


QuickStart Method:  Getting your fishing line in the water as soon as possible!

GCA immediately focuses on getting your small business competitive for subcontracts!  Revenue generation is a key for any company, but “cashflow is king” for a small business. Our QuickStart program helps you develop a business growth strategy, create highly marketable corporate credentials, build an in impressive website “storefront,” and teaches you to perform MASSIVE outreach to THOUSANDS of executives in our industry!


An Actionable “GovCon MBA:”  Learn how to succeed in the GovCon industry!

MBAs teach business theory and a non-industry specific format. GCA focuses exclusively on how to create an effective pipeline, write winning proposals, transition contracts and scale your company.  GCA won’t teach you how to do accounting…you can learn that online.  Instead, we teach you how to do your Pricing Proposal’s mandatory Cost Workup…that will be both competitive and profitable! 


Countless Business Tools:  Jump-start your company with sample proposals & processes!

GCA provides your company with HUNDREDS of business tools, critical processes, example employee documents, various contracting documents, etc., etc. to save you immeasurable time so you can focus on your company’s success!