Government Contract Opportunities: Support your Country

…And the World’s Largest Customer

Why Pursue Government Contracts?  

There are 500,000,000,000 reasons (or DOLLARS!) every year to take advantage of Government Contract Opportunities and to bid on Government Contracts!

Do you already take advantage of government contract opportunities? Let’s put a little scale to that ridiculous number and figure out how many figures to the right of the decimal are significant. Significant to you, of course…


Want to become a millionaire?

If you do, then win a government contract that is just worth 0.001% of the awarded Federal Budget in any given year (that’s a 5-Million-dollar government contract) and maintain a 20% profit margin. It’s hard to believe, but these small and insignificant government contracts are commonly referred to as “decimal dust” contracts. And this “dust” can make you wealthy!

Now put yourself in the shoes of the acquisition professionals within the Federal Government who are responsible for awarding hundreds of Billions of dollars in government contracts every year.  Acquisition professionals are mandated by law to spend the Federal budget, so awarding “decimal dust” government contracts to new businesses does not even warrant an afterthought. They have bigger dollars to spend!


And Government Contracting Market Has a Guaranteed Demand!

It’s not like a restaurant owner knows exactly how many burgers, burritos or bagels people are required to buy and eat.

Did you receive a court order, requiring your family to eat 4.2 burritos this Friday at your local Mexican restaurant? Probably not, yet, there is a comparable law in the Federal Government contracting market. If you know where to look, you will know exactly when each government organization will be awarding government contracts and how big these government contracts will be.


The Government Will Tell You EXACTLY What They Need

You don’t need to invent the next “eureka” service offering or product. Instead, you simply need to provide the Federal Government what they’re mandated by Congress to buy.  The Federal Government procures their needed goods and services by releasing Requests for Proposals (RFPs).  They solicit (frequently beg!) government contractors to respond to their RFPs so they can award government contracts for the goods and services they need.


Government Contracting Academy helps you effectively compete for government contracts by sharing their industry “insider” tips!

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You Eliminate 95% of Your Competitors!

CONGRATULATIONS!  You are one of just a very small number of aspiring entrepreneurs who have taken the initiative to learn more about winning Federal Government Contracts!  In fact, only 5% of US companies choose to learn how to do business with the world’s largest customer, find government contract opportunities, and to win government contracts.  Recent Federal Government budgets have exceeded four trillion dollars!  Although much of the budget pays interest on the national debt and designated programs, Federal Government contractors compete for a half-trillion dollars in government contracts every year.  

The companies that take the initiative to sell to the world’s largest customer have a very large Federal Government spending pie to share!  Learn how Government Contracting Academy helps you win government contracts and take a slice of that pie for you and your family.  Decide if pursing government contracts is right for you by scheduling a consultation session with Government Contracting Academy.

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Is Now a Good Time to Pursue Government Contracts?

With the uncertainty of today’s global economy, aspiring entrepreneurs are concerned if their chosen market is recession-proof. So, without turning this website into a course in macroeconomics, the Federal Government contracting market is one of the most robust markets in existence. 

Here’s why:

  1. Do you believe that taxes will significantly decrease?
  2. Do most voters believe the US is safer by significantly decreasing Defense spending?
  3. Have voters ever elected a member of Congress who campaign to eliminate pork-barrel spending that benefited their voting district?

History authoritatively answers all three of these questions.


If the economy is doing well …

A good economy generates more tax revenue and leads to more government spending and awarded government contracts.


If the economy is doing poorly …

The Federal Government usually injects the waning economy with various stimulus packages, such as infrastructure investments. And, these “stimulus” packages equated to more awarded government contracts!


What happens when government priorities shift?

Of course, budgets do shift within the Federal Government due to changing priorities. However, it’s frequently the larger companies that take a hit when a specific agency’s budget shrinks. “Tightening” budgets typically favor more government contracts going to smaller businesses because of their lower costs. If the Federal Government contracting market crashes, you probably have more immediate concerns than making money, such as surviving the apocalypse!


Even government “down-sizing” leads to more government contracts!

Elected officials who claim to “reduce the size of government” do not negatively impact contractors. Here’s a dirty secret.  To reduce the number of government employees, the government simply converts those jobs to contractor positions through awarded government contracts!  Political leanings have very little negative impact in the overall size of the contracting industry.  In fact, the government contracting industry is immune to most political and economic variables.

If you know where to look, finding government contract opportunities is easy!


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Becoming a Government Contracting Entrepreneur

Understanding how to find government contract opportunities and to competitively bid on government contracts is usually achieved in this industry by word of mouth.  Typically a person can only learn how to write proposals to win government contracts by a senior proposal writer or a senior executive mentor with industry insider knowledge.


Industry Insider Knowledge

The key to success to winning government contracts is industry “insider” knowledge.  It’s not enough to have a scratch for a customer’s itch. We’re talking about the government here. Their excessive bureaucracy makes it difficult. But, that’s actually good news!

Once you learn how to navigate this process, you will be competing for large government contracts against a very limited competitive field.  The government’s bureaucracy weeds out the feint-hearted, and tremendously rewards the 5% who learn this process with massive government contracts.


Government Contracting Academy will help you learn and navigate this unique and lucrative market.

  • You will learn how to “build” competitive proposals to bid on government contracts.
  • You will also learn how to develop the necessary infrastructure and processes to ensure the successful execution of your government contracts.


It won’t be easy, but that’s why it’s such a lucrative market.

Interested to learn more about winning government contracts? Check out Types of Government Contracts.

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