With OVER 30 MILLION Small Businesses in the US…

 How can your new or small company stand out in a crowd?   Here’s how. 


GCA’s ISO QuickCert Program can help your company obtain prestigious ISO Certification!


A single ISO Certification Places Your Small Business in the

TOP 1% of US Companies in Quality and Maturity!

Obtaining TWO ISO Certifications Puts You in the TOP 0.1%!

…and getting ISO 9001 Quality Management AND ISO 27001 Information Security Management Certified couldn’t be easier with GCA’s ISO QuickCert Program!

Our ISO QuickCert Program provides your company with a full set of ISO-certified documents, training to leverage ISO for success, worry-free certification preparation, and…




  • 100% certifiable ISO documents that are customized to your company’s industry, services, and leadership. GCA documents have been audited countless times and are seamlessly integrated into your business processes! 
  • Consulting & training to successfully and quickly launch and use your company’s ISO Program.  GCA has helped countless small businesses obtain ISO Certifications!  We know what’s important and what’s noise. 
  • Certification audit preparation to make your audit incredibly easy. We know what questions are asked during the ISO certifying audit and ensure that you are fully prepared!  A GCA expert in ISO will PARTICIPATE in your audit as your “contract employee.”
  • All-Inclusive Pricing.  The ISO QuickCert prices is the TOTAL COST to become ISO Certified! It includes fully customized ISO documents, training modules to use your ISO Program, and audit preparation. And…GCA COVERS THE COST OF THE CERTIFICATION AUDIT!  
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!  GCA is so confident in our ISO QuickCert Program that our services come with a 100% money back guarantee, so you have zero risk with GCA!   
  • 100% ISO Certification Audit pass rate!  When you need ISO Certification FAST, then GCA is your best and least expensive option! 

How the ISO QuickCert Program Works…

With Limited Work History, Market Penetration is Challenging!   

  As a small business, how can your company prove that you’re the BEST BIDDER?  Here’s how. 

Proposals are scored!  

…and ISO Certifications INCREASE YOUR SCORE by proving your corporate maturity,

commitment  to quality, and customer value to help you win more contracts!  

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is the world’s leading authority in establishing standards based upon best practices and certifying companies to document their commitment to industry-leading practices.  The practices defined by ISO Standards can make your company an industry leader. 


Obtaining ISO Certification can help your company overcome the three biggest challenges faced by small businesses by

                                   (1)  Demonstrating your commitment to Quality,

                                   (2)  Proving your corporate maturity, and

                                   (3)  Standing above your competition

Great leadership doesn’t look like people think…


The driving forces behind business success are documented processes, well-defined roles & responsibilities, management oversight, and data-driven decision-making.

Good leadership is documented. While bad leaders may look heroic responding to challenges in the absence of non-existent policies, undocumented processes, and ill-defined corporate roles, they are derelict in providing their company with the necessary tools to be successful.

As a first-time CEO, GCA Founder Randy Wimmer quickly learned that without mature management infrastructure, his company could not scale beyond his first contract award. In fact, he was almost unable to transition this contract!    

To achieve his business goals, he pursued ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification to develop corporate maturity.     


Try a sample ISO QuickCert course…

Schedule a FREE ISO Consultation to learn how how implementing ISO standards can help prepare your company for growth while providing you a competitive advantage!  Implementing ISO standards in your small businesses provides a myriad of advantages:

  • A competitive advantage against other small businesses in the Federal Government Contracting space
  • An increase in your proposal’s scores
  • It makes it easier to grow and scale your company

Most importantly, it makes your company better. By implementing and following the processes you define in your ISO standard, you ensure that every action your business takes is measured and repeatable.

And, as a small business, it is MUCH easier to implement ISO Standards and take advantage of the prestigious, globally-accepted ISO Certification! 


Learn about ISO Certification with a Free Info Session

Learn how GCA’s ISO Academy can help your company become ISO Certified and gain a competitive edge!

The Free ISO Consultation Helps You:

  1. Identify the right ISO Certifications for your company
  2. Learn the FASTEST Way to Get Certified
  3. Discover how ISO Certification can help you INCREASE revenue!

Learn How GCA’s ISO Academy Can Get Your Small Business   ISO Certified FAST!

Receive a FREE 30-Min ISO Consulting Session with a GCA Representative

There’s an ISO Certification that focuses on nearly every industry!

The ISO family of professional standards provide a framework to ensure that your business is capable of providing quality goods or services in a consistent manner. Beyond ISO 9001 Quality Management, more specific ISO standards exist for different fields of industry such as ISO 27001 for Information Security Management, ISO 45001 for OSHA compliance and ISO 17001 for Environmental Protection.  GCA’s ISO Academy can help you obtain the best ISO Certifications for your specific industry!


ISO 9001 Certification – Quality Management Systems

ISO 9001 is the world’s most accepted standard for Quality Management Systems. A Quality Management System (QMS) contains the necessary steps to ensure that your businesses’ processes, procedures and policies are set up in such a way that meet or exceed the quality expectations of your customers.

ISO 9001 is universally useful for businesses of any type. However, for small businesses in the Federal Government Contracting space, being ISO 9001 certified is especially useful. Small businesses fight an uphill battle, having to prove that they are actually capable of fulfilling proposal demands. Having an ISO 9001 QMS tells your customer that not only are you mature enough of a company to meet their quality expectations, but that you have a system capable of expanding to accommodate new employees and infrastructure in order to meet proposal requirements.

ISO 27001 Certification – Information Security Management System

The ISO 27001 framework consists of policies and processes to ensure that you business is capable of securely handling information. Implementing a Information Security Management System will lower costs by preventing security incidents, ensure you meet the contractual requirements for handling secure information, provides a framework to easily expand your IT offerings and gives your business an edge that very few small businesses have.

For companies working in the IT, medical or cybersecurity fields, this standard will show your customers that you can safely handle and protect information that is mission critical.

ISO 45001 Certification – Occupational Health and Safety Management System

More than 2.7 million deaths occur each year due to occupational accidents.

The ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management standard will help prevent your business from contributing to that number. This standard provides a framework to improve safety systems, enhance awareness through a committed training program, and provide management systems that will lower workplace incidents and give you processes to manage incidents that do happen to occur.

GCA’s ISO QuickCert Program Gives You Everything You Need…

Learn How ISO Certification Can Your Company Grow!


Receive a FREE 30-Min ISO Consulting Session with a GCA Representative