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Learn How To Win massive FedGov Set-Aside contracts

Government contracting academy is the GovCon industry’s leading training provider for small companies

GCA’s FedGov Advanced Contracting Program is perfect for you…If you’re ready to:

  • Launch a professionally rewarding career as a company Founder and CEO.
  • Learn about the world’s largest customer (the FedGov) where only 5% of US companies sell.
  • Pursue the BILLIONS of dollars of Small Business Set Aside Program earmarks left on the table every year.
  • Be mentored by an “industry insider” entrepreneur who has won BILLIONS of dollars in FedGov contracts. 
  • Make generational wealth a choice by turning success into a “numbers game.”
  • Change your life forever.

Aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners are busy…very busy.  So GCA created a comprehensive training program that is focused on supporting the needs of this group.  Our program is 100% on-line, self-paced, with weekly group discussions with an industry expert.   

Charge Forward!

The GCA FedGov Advanced Contracting Program

Includes 25 Courses containing OVER 150 LESSONS! Courses cover EVERY aspect of leading a successful GovCon company. 

Delivers 100% ACTIONABLE knowledge! Think of GCA as an extremely inexpensive and practical “GovCon MBA.”

Provides HUNDREDS of business tools, processes, and templates, including SAMPLE WINNING PROPOSALS.

Entails WEEKLY Program Q&A sessions to dive deeper into material and provide specific mentoring. 

 GCA’s Founder, Randy Wimmer, has launched, led and sold multiple Govcon businesses.



with 20+ years of GovCon  experience as an entrepreneur, Randy is the ultimate “Industry Insider” and has countless hard-learned lessons that he shares. 



in the GCA Fedgov Contracting advanced program, you will learn every step necessary to launch and grow a competitive GovCon small business!   




Just follow along the program with your company and you’ll be ready to agressively pursue lucrative Fedgov contracts!

our 4-step QuickStart Method will have your company competing for subcontracts in 2-3 months or less! 

1) Launch a mature, competitive company that fills critical gaps in the Small Business Set Aside Program

2) Create a corporate website that “looks like every other $200 MILLION dollar company’s website”

3) Conduct MASSIVE outreach to THOUSANDS of GovCon industry executives who are looking for a HIGHLY-CREDENTIALED company like yours (that fills critical gaps in the Small Business Set Aside Program)

As you are actively pursuing opportunities, Step 4 of the Quick Start Methodology will teach you the “industry insider” tips, regarding how to successfully grow your company!

Are you ready to learn how to win Government Contracts and Achieve Financial Independence? 

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answers to Common Questions:


  • How long is the program?
    • Although this program is notionally a year long, most aspiring entrepreneurs will be competitively seeking subcontracting opportunities within three months.  Many Founders complete the entire training program in six months but still remain active in the program, participating in weekly Q&A Sessions and reviewing material.   
  • How demanding is this program?
    • Every Cohort member has personal obligations that determine how quickly they can pursue their entrepreneurial goals. Here’s the good news… You can progress at your own pace!  The important thing is that you continue to progress towards your goals!
  • Is this program in person or “virtual?”
    • This program is conducted 100% online to make it both convenient and accessible to everyone.  Courses are recorded and available when YOU are available.  AND…the weekly online Q&A Sessions enable discussions with GovCon industry experts to address your specific questions!   
  • Are there any required course materials? 
    • NO!  GCA provides EVERYTHING!  In fact, you will receive hundreds, if not thousands, of 100% relevant business tools, proposal templates, operating procedures, training documents, etc., etc.,  These documents will serve as a guide to manage your company to success!
  • What do I need to start?
    • To take the first step in launching your success as the Founder/CEO of YOUR GovCon company, we recommend starting with a FREE GCA Sample Lesson!