Today is Valentine’s Day, 2003.

Who wouldn’t want to go back to Valentine’s Day, 2003 and buy a truckload of Apple stock at 26 CENTS per share?  (Apple Stock Price)  But who knew that the iPod, iPhone, iTunes, and the AppStore were coming?

Today is Valentine’s Day, 2003 for FedGov small business contracting companies.  BECAUSE…we KNOW there is a historic a MULTI-TRILLION dollar stimulus package that will likely be passed shortly.  We also KNOW that much of those dollars will hit our economy via government contracts.  And…we definitely KNOW that AT LEAST a fourth of those dollars will be going to new and small businesses via the Small Business Set Aside Program.

Perhaps it’s time to launch that FedGov contracting company that you’ve been thinking about. Why? Timing is everything. Click To Tweet

Government Contracting Academy’s QUICKSTART method helps entrepreneurs QUICKLY START a fully legal, FAR-compliant, highly-competitive company to get a piece of the massive FedGov spending pie!  And the pie that’s coming is bigger than it has ever been before.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Randy Wimmer
Your Cupid at Government Contracting Academy

About Randy Wimmer

Do you want to take charge of your career by becoming an entrepreneur but have family and financial obligations that prevent you from quitting your “day job?”

If so, then launching a GovCon startup that enables you to bid on millions of dollars in Small Business Set Aside government contracts from home may be the solution. It was for me. I wrote the winning proposal for a $15M contract from my kitchen table after my kids went to bed. With guaranteed contract revenue, I hired employees without ever going a penny in debt. After winning over $170M in contracts, I sold my company and committed to helping others achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. I launched Government Contracting Academy to mentor, coach and train aspiring entrepreneurs achieve financial success in the Federal Government contracting market.