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Learn How To Launch a Competitive GovCon Company

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This program is for you…

If you are ready to:

  • Launch a professionally rewarding career as a company Founder and CEO.
  • Learn about the world’s largest customer (the FedGov) and its lucrative Small Business Set Aside Program.
  • Leverage the synergy and support of a cohort of like-minded professionals.  
  • Learn from an “industry insider” entrepreneur who has won BILLIONS of dollars in FedGov contracts. 
  • Change your life forever.

GCA’s comprehensive Believing-to-Bidding Method uses the proven cohort learning medium that is successfully used by elite MBA programs.  However, it’s not just focused on learning and networking, it’s focused on SUCCESS! 

Charge Forward

Here’s how… 

This program

1. Serves as a STARTUP INCUBATOR, supporting nearly every aspect of the launch of YOUR company

2. Provides ACTIONABLE knowledge!  Think of it as an extremely inexpensive and practical “GovCon MBA.”

3. Creates an INSTANT network of highly-qualified cohort members.

4. Entails the launch of a fully legal Joint Venture that you will co-own and leverage for success!

GCA’s Founder, Randy Wimmer, has launched, led and sold multiple Govcon startups



in the believing-to-bidding method, you will learn by watching him perform every step of launching a real, competitive govcon company!


Then…you will actually launch and co-own a Joint venture with Randy as a partner!



Just follow along with your company and you’ll be ready to agressively pursue lucrative Fedgov contracts!

1) Launch a mature, competitive company that fills critical gaps in the Small Business Set Aside Program

2) Create a corporate website that “looks like every other $200 MILLION dollar company’s website”

3) Conducting MASSIVE outreach to THOUSANDS of GovCon industry executives who are looking for a HIGHLY-CREDENTIALED company like yours (that fills critical gaps in the Small Business Set Aside Program)

As you are actively pursuing opportunities, Step 4 of the Quick Start Methodology will teach you the “industry insider” tips, regarding how to do the activities necessary to be successful in this industry.

You Are in The Right Place!

This is how it works …

now, the details … 

  • Cohorts meet weekly via Zoom for 2 hours (sessions are recorded, if you have a schedule conflict) and alternates between the Believing-to-Bidding Case Study and Practicums.

  • The Believing-to-Bidding Case Study actually launches a legal, highly-competitive company by DOING every step as a Cohort. Simply follow along with YOUR COMPANY and you will have a highly-competitive company within months!

  • Hands-on Practicums include REAL GovCon activities, such as reviewing Request-for-Proposals for Pwin, writing various  proposal sections, conducting proposal reviews, pricing proposals, and transitioning contracts.  

  • On top of these activities, the Cohort launches (and owns!) a fully-legal business entity, called a Joint Venture. A Joint Venture is an ideal entity to leverage the qualifications of each Cohort member’s company and a clever way to split “corporate infrastructure” costs.  

  • Due to a Joint Venture’s business structure, it possesses the qualifications, credentials and work experience of all Cohort member companies.  As such, it is an ideal entity for the Cohort to collectively pursue larger contracts and complex contract vehicles.

  • During every aspect of this program, Randy Wimmer provides “industry insider” insights, lessons learned and 100% actionable training via 20+ instructional modules.

  • Collaboration with Cohort members who contribute broad subject matter expertise, vast personal networks and support.   

Sounds like a lot…and it is.  BUT, our Quick Start Method gets your company looking FedGov opportunities within a few short months! 

Here’s how:

Are you ready to learn how to win Government Contracts and Achieve Financial Independence? 

to make sure this program is for you




Schedule a call and you will have an opportunity for a quick chat to make sure this is the right path for you!



Here are the answers to some of the Common Questions: 

  • How long is the program?
    • There is no fixed duration or “contract commitment.” In fact, Cohort members can end our business relationship with a simple 30-day written notice.  However, the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of GCA clients maintain an on-going relationship because of the VALUE they receive.  
  • How demanding is this program?
    • Every Cohort member has personal obligations that determine how quickly they can pursue their entrepreneurial goals. Here’s the good news… You can progress at your own pace!  It’s not a race.  The important thing is that you continue to progress towards your goals!
  • Is this program in person or “virtual?”  
    • This program is 100% conducted online to make it both convenient and accessible to everyone.  Plus…Having Cohort members located all over the world provides incredible perspective and value!  
  • Are there any required course materials? 
    • NO!  GCA provides EVERYTHING!  In fact, you will receive hundreds, if not thousands, of 100% relevant business tools, proposal templates, operating procedures, training documents, etc., etc.,  All documents will be made available to you via a shared Cohort Google Drive.
  • What do I need to start?
    • To take the first step in launching your future as the Founder/CEO of YOUR GovCon company, simply schedule a meeting with Randy Wimmer via the provided link and join the next Cohort!