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Government Contracting Academy works with aspiring entrepreneurs to help them launch and grow a successful business in the Federal Government market. Also, GCA provides one-on-one coaching, online instructional courses, and business tools and various corporate templates to help you streamline operations.

This session is 100% for you and is not a “hard sale.”  Because we do not sell additional programs, you must ask Randy about the 12-month Government Contracting Academy program.

Prior to the coaching session, you will complete an information packet.  This packet will help guide the session directly to your specific situation and interests.  While completing this packet, you will document your personal goals, business interests and qualifications.  These are keys steps for establishing the foundation of your strategy to win government contracts.

Finally, this coaching sessions provides one of the most important intangible benefits, mentally taking the first step to becoming an entrepreneur.

  • Overcome obstacles that are holding you back.
  • Convert dreams to goals by documenting them and taking action.

Consequently, by committing to this coaching session and documenting your entrepreneurial goals in the information packet, you will take the first steps to achieving success.

Take the First Step: The 30-min Consultation Session

The first step in learning how to win government contracts is an initial half hour consultation session with Randy Wimmer, the Founder of Government Contracting Academy.

Session Details

GCA designs the 30 minute consultation session to:

  1. Provide a framework overview for pursuing Federal Government contracts
  2. Answer any questions that you may have
  3. Help you determine if Federal Government contracting fits your goals.

Get Started on Your Entrepreneurial and Financial Goals Today!


Receive a 30-min Entrepreneur/Executive Consulting Session with Randy Wimmer!

Limited sessions available at this rate.

About GCA Founder, Randy Wimmer

With nearly thirty years either in or supporting the Federal Government, Randy is the ultimate “industry insider,” having owned multiple successful Federal Government contracting companies.

His first Federal Government contracting company was launched from home after his kids went to bed.  Leveraging the lessons that he learned from two previous failed startup attempts, his company achieved tremendous growth in multiple organizations and service industries.  Following six years of incredible success, he sold his company for 8 figures.

As an entrepreneur and CEO, Randy Wimmer has made the Inc 500 Fastest Growing Companies List on multiple occasions.  He has also been honored as a Washington Technology Fast 50 company.

Developing his own approach to winning government contracts, Randy has expertise growing small businesses on shoe-string budgets in the Federal Government market.  Having won a BILLION dollars in government contracts, he knows how to “build” winning proposals.  He is now sharing his decades-worth of hard-learned lessons to help aspiring entrepreneurs find success in the Federal Government market.  


Government Contracting Academy’s Cohort Program 


QuickStart Program:  Getting your fishing line in the water as soon as possible!

GCA immediately focuses on getting your small business competitive for subcontracts!  Revenue generation is a key for any company, but “cashflow is king” for a small business. Our QuickStart program helps you develop a business growth strategy, create highly marketable corporate credentials, build an in impressive website “storefront,” and teaches you to perform MASSIVE outreach to THOUSANDS of executives in our industry!


An Actionable “GovCon MBA:”  Learn how to succeed in the GovCon industry!

MBAs teach business theory and a non-industry specific format. GCA focuses exclusively on how to create an effective pipeline, write winning proposals, transition contracts and scale your company.  GCA won’t teach you how to do accounting…you can learn that online.  Instead, we teach you how to do your Pricing Proposal’s mandatory Cost Workup…that will be both competitive and profitable! 


A Cohort Approach:  Your fellow cohort members will help you succeed!

GCA, like most elite MBA programs, uses a cohort approach because it works!  You will join a cohort that can stand toe-to-toe with any elite MBA program cohort! As such, you will learn as much from your cohort members as you will from GCA’s mentors and coaches.  You and your “instant network” share subject matter expertise, market access…and encouragement.