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You’re Good Enough for Government Work

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How to Start a Business in Government Contracting

Why start a business as a Federal Government contractor? 

Here’s why…I was awarded a $15M government contract after writing a proposal from my kitchen table!

The winning proposal for my company’s first prime contract was written from my kitchen table in 2010. It was for a $15 million contract that changed my life.  Six years later, I “retired” after selling my company for 8 figures.  Excluding my initial $500 investment for a business license, a better printer, a website and business cards, I never went a single dollar in debt.  In fact, I never had a drop in income while launching my company. By keeping my “day job,” I kept the same level of income until I won my first contract.

Launching a business in the Federal Government contracting market has many advantages over other markets.  I didn’t have to lease an office or buy office furniture. I didn’t have to hire employees. I didn’t need to pay expensive franchise fees.  I didn’t have to give away most of my company’s future equity for Venture Capital funding or go into debt with SBA small business loans. Until I won this contract, I worked on my business after my kids went to bed at night and avoided making any investments in my company until I had a contract and guaranteed revenue to fund my growth.

Do you have entrepreneurial dreams but have family and financial obligations that prevent you from quitting your “day job” and becoming a full-time entrepreneur? If so, then launching a Federal Government contracting company from home may be the solution.  It was for me.

  Randy Wimmer, GCA Founder

Join the 5% of US Businesses Winning MASSIVE Federal Government Contracts!  

Shockingly, 95% of US companies are either unaware of this lucrative market or don’t know how to compete for Federal Government contracts.  As a startup, choosing to support the Federal Government immediately eliminates 95% of your competition!  

The US federal government is the world’s largest single customer. There is no close second. With trillion-dollar budgets, whatever you’re good at doing or building, there is a high probability that the Federal Government is buying it in sufficient quantities to make you a really wealthy person. However, it gets even better. The US Federal Government’s Small Business Set Aside Program has a goal to award about one-fourth of its contracts to small and new businesses. Think about that.

If you were opening a restaurant, the US Federal Government would not be diverting a quarter of McDonald’s customers to your new startup burger joint. However, that’s exactly what happens to Lockheed Martin’s customers in the Federal Government contracting market. But still…that’s not the best aspect of this market.  The best part about this market is its very low cost of entry.  You can launch a Federal Government contracting company from your home with nearly no costs.

Bottom line: If you want to learn how to start a business from your kitchen table and learn how to be a successful entrepreneur without the constant risk of bankruptcy, then the Federal Government contracting marketplace may be for you.

The Federal Government’s Set Aside Program Gives YOU the Business Advantage!

Are you a woman?  A veteran?  A minority?  Or live in an economically disadvantaged area?  Level the playing field with the Set Aside Program.

Although the overall small business goals for most Federal Government agencies hover around 23%, additional goals are established by small business “set aside” category.  In general, organizations set a MINIMUM contracting goal of 3% to 5% of awarded contract dollars for EACH small business set aside type. Entrepreneurs who are either underrepresented or typically face an uphill challenge may apply for a specific “set aside” status.  This is how it can help level the field.

Although women-owned businesses are incredibly underrepresented, this is actually a good thing if you’re launching a Federal Government contracting company!  As a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) owner, you can bid on WOSB set aside opportunities where your competitive field is tremendously reduced.  The same opportunities exist for Veteran-Owned Small Businesses (VOSB), Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSB), a minority-owned company participating in the 8(a) Program, or a company in a Historically Under-utilized Business Zone (HUBZone).  The competitive fields for these specific set asides are very small, giving you the best chance of success.  In fact, many small businesses use their set aside status to get their start in this lucrative market!

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If you don’t build your dream…

someone will hire you to help build theirs.

- Tony Gaskins

About Randy Wimmer

Randy’s first Federal Government contracting company was launched from his home after his kids went to bed.  He later sold it for 8-figures.  With nearly thirty years either in or supporting the Federal Government, Randy is the ultimate “industry insider,” having owned multiple successful contracting companies.

He launched Government Contracting Academy to help aspiring entrepreneurs find both business and financial success in the Federal Government contracting industry.

Learn from his decades of hard-learned lessons.

Launch a Business From Home

Launching a Federal Government contracting business from home after his kids went to bed, GCA Founder, Randy Wimmer, achieved financial independence after selling this company for 8 figures. He did this without any SBA small business loans or venture capital funding. Since then, he has owned and sold multiple small businesses and has been honored on the INC 500 Fastest Growing Companies List and as a Washington Tech Magazine “Fast 50” company.

Randy’s entrepreneurial success is 100% attributable to the lessons he learned during his previous unsuccessful startup attempts. Along his journey to financial independence, Randy jokes that he cleared a path through the Federal Government startup minefield by stepping on every mine. He authored Good Enough for Government Work … And Entrepreneurship and founded GCA to help aspiring entrepreneurs avoid these mistakes.

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Why Government Contracting Academy?

Differentiate Your Company

If you have the drive to be successful, GCA can help you with the rest. While learning how to start a business, you’ll learn how to differentiate your company from 99% of your competitors and how to compete on a shoe string budget.

Learning Business Theory Versus Making Money Immediately

Do you want to forego years of learning business theory in an MBA program, so you can immediately learn what you need to launch a company? If so, GCA will give you actionable “How to start a business” information to become an entrepreneur!

Profit From Your Own Hard Work

Are you a contractor and tired of seeing your employer take all of the profit from your hard work? If so, start working towards YOUR dreams by learning how to launch your own government contracting company.

Launching a Legal Company The Right Way

If you’re frustrated that reading countless entrepreneurship and self-help books hasn’t helped you achieve your dreams, then let GCA teach you how to launch a legal, competitive company.

Your Military Experience IS Relevant

Are you tired of being told that your military experience isn’t relevant? If so, launch a DoD contracting company where your experience gives YOU the edge over your competitors.  Take the advantage that your 100% relevant experience gives you.

Level the Business Field

Have you tried to launch a company and failed to effectively compete against larger companies? If so, GCA can teach you how to fully leverage the Small Business Set Aside Program to level the field!

Why Transition from the Military to an Entry-Level Position When You Can Start Your Own Defense Contracting Company?

Don’t believe all the politically-correct hype from various veteran support groups and job placement companies. Although civilian hiring managers do love veterans, they love corporate profit even more. Simply stated, most hiring managers do NOT believe your military experience is directly relevant to their corporate needs, so hiring you poses additional risks and training costs to them. That’s why you will most likely be considered exclusively for entry-level positions.

Instead of competing for entry-level positions, why not leverage your immediately relevant DoD experience to start your own Defense Contracting company? The discipline, strong work ethic, commitment and grit that you learned on active duty are the exact traits needed to be successful as an entrepreneur.

Transition from the military to entrepreneurial success!

This is NOT an MBA … It’s Better!

Government Contracting Academy mentors and coaches entrepreneurs to help them launch Federal Government contracting companies. Unlike an online MBA program that does not teach you how to start a business, GCA provides real, actionable insights and a 100% relevant curriculum based upon hard-lessons learned from successful entrepreneurs and industry leaders.  This 12-month program is designed to help clients with an entrepreneurial dream launch a fully legal company to competitively bid on Federal Government contracts in as little as six months.  The remaining six months of the program is designed to develop a bid pipeline, hone proposal “building” skills and develop business operation procedures.  Government Contracting Academy also offers optional Advisory Board services beyond the 12-month program for continued mentoring and support.

Learn the underlying strategy to winning contracts for FREE!

Think You Can’t Launch a Company?  Think Again!

Becoming an Entrepreneur

Learn how to start a business that immediately eliminates 95% of competitors! Launching a small business to compete for Federal Government contracts can be your ticket to financial Independence.

Transition to Success

Veterans face many uphill battles transitioning to the commercial sector.  Change the battlefield to YOUR advantage.  Leverage your unique experiences by launching your own Defense Contracting company!

Launching a Company to Win Federal Government Contracts Requires a Process.

Your company name should work as hard as you do.

When big companies create their small business contracting plans for large bids (a Small Business Program requirement), they frequently read names from a database printout. Frequently, this is an afterthought for many companies. Who do you think has the highest probability of making the bid team for a Cyber Security bid? YOUR NAME & Associates LLC or Secure Federal Cyber Solutions LLC. You guessed it. Your company name should work for you! It should convey your market, service or capabilities.  Not your ego.

A “vanity plate” name does nothing for your company and can actually work against you.  Here’s how.  As a kid, your friend, Timmy, offers you a job mowing lawns.  Would you rather work for Timmy as his “associate” at “Timmy & Associates” or would you rather come to the lawn care rescue at “Super Heroes Lawn Service LLC” as an integral part of a team? Timmy will be the 100% owner of either company, but one company name will be much easier to recruit, motivate and retain talent. Not too many talented adults aspire to work for an egomaniac as an “associate.”

How to Start a Business for Government Contracting: Coaching and Consulting by Successful Entrepreneurs

Seeking startup coaching from an Economic Development Agency or Small Business Development Office is like asking for parenting advice from a person who doesn’t have kids. To be blunt, millionaire entrepreneurs and CEOs don’t work at these organizations for $45K/yr. And, online MBA programs are little better. The overwhelming majority of MBA professors have never started a company and probably do not know how to start a business.

GCA’s staff is comprised of successful entrepreneurs, proven CEOs and senior industry executives. GCA combines personalized coaching and business consulting from industry insiders with 100% relevant, practical online courses to help you launch a company from your home to competitively bid on Federal Government contracts.

Sign up for a 1-hour Entrepreneur/Executive Consulting Session at a special rate!

Considering a Franchise? Read This FIRST!

According to Franchise Business Review, OVER HALF of food franchises earn LESS THAN $50k/year in profit. ONLY SEVEN PERCENT make more than $250k/year. The average hovers a little over $80k … not exactly the road to financial independence, is it?

Now stand by for sticker shock. The average initial investment to buy an Entrepreneur Magazine Top 10 Restaurant Franchise is approximately $1.5 MILLION DOLLARS. Why would anybody want to assume that level of financial risk for an expected return that really doesn’t significantly move your financial needle? If owning a franchise was so profitable, then why do nearly HALF of the Top 10 Restaurant Franchisors own LESS THAN ONE PERCENT of their own restaurants?

Thinking About the Following?

Building a Franchise

Obtaining Venture Capital and SBA Loans

Writing a Business Plan

Transitioning from the Military

Starting an MBA Program

Launching a Company

Get Started on Your Entrepreneurial and Financial Goals Today!


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